“Alive (2015) is Rosary Solimanto’s ecstatic tribute to her victory over multiple sclerosis. Solimanto regained her ability to move freely thanks to biomedical advances in stem cell treatments. In her video, Solimanto experiences the world reopening to her as an able-bodied person. She runs through the streets in celebration, but also in distress. Although her stem cell transplant expands her physical capabilities, it pigeonholes her as a byproduct of a contentious medical advancement. Solimanto’s body, and her newfound freedom, have become unwilling subjects for public debate.”                                                             – ART IN AMERICA MAGAZINE

al_2 copy
Rondout Creek, Kingston, NY
Alive o+
Alive at the O+ Festival, Kingston, New York
Emerge NYC Program out front of NYU
The Itinerant Festival at the Bronx Museum
The Institute Library, New Haven, CT