Poster Mental

Mental, film poster, 5:09, 2018

Rosary Solimanto an interdisciplinary activist artist sources her material from exposing the social, political and medical conflicts she faces with multiple sclerosis.

For almost 2 years Solimanto experienced trigeminal neuralgia. It’s nicknamed the “suicide pain” as most people kill themselves from this most painful condition known to humankind. She reenacted when she received radiation on her brain to alleviate the pain and connecting it with the history of the brutality of medical treatments.

This new work Mental has been trapped in her head for years. She gravitated back to its necessity for completion because mass shootings were blamed on mental illness, suicide became abundant headlines and opiate addiction is a serious epidemic. Solimanto is one who has experienced a physical pain that became mental, wanting to commit suicide from it, and using high doses of prescription opiates in attempt to control this pain. She knew the necessity for this work is now.

The enthralling film raises questions. What’s happening, does she need help, is this help, is this torture, who’s deciding what’s best for her ….
and at the same time this piece exposes the heightened oppressive realities and truths to the treatments done by the medical professionals.

A piece every viewer can relate to either from their own experiences or from the stories of loved ones.

Solimanto explores health condition awareness, shame, stigmas, discrimination and most importantly pride. In loving all of you, including your human conditions of body and mind.

Created, directed and produced by activist artist Rosary Solimanto. Francis J. Greenburger plays the doctor, Ebtisam Abdulaziz plays the supporting role as the nurse (international performer from Dubai).