The Modern Medicine Woman

The Modern Medicine Woman (2017) is a one-on-one socially engaged performance allowing the audience love, support and pride with health conditions through a conversational exchange under a parasol, and a prescription and bandage is given for support. A diagnosis is made by a physician, but no comfort, support, or information is shared about how their new identity and life will change. The Modern Medicine Woman is an embodiment of Western and Eastern Medicine, with a Chinese parasol, with a plastic covering. A forged steel unicorn horn placed on top representing people with disABILITIES as unique, as their own health condition, treatment/s is unique to them. A crystal ball at the bottom of the parasol and a bone necklace, exploring the historical aspect of medicine women being perceived as witches. No one is shunned for the treatment options they pursue, for the type of the health conditions they have and only love and support is explored through a conversation under the parasol.