Armor of Adaptation

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Armor of Adaptation is a full-bodied wearable kinetic metal sculpture which embodies and strengthens the identity of Solimanto as an intersectional “disABLEd” woman. This piece is uniquely tailored to Solimanto’s health conditions, surgeries, and diseases (from multiple sclerosis, endometriosis, hypothyroid, arthritis, to a bone marrow transplant among eight other surgeries).

Armor of Adaptation is constructed from forged steel bent into interlocking shapes, which is displayed in a suspended form. The sculptural work accompanies large format photographs of the piece worn in performative poses related to Solimanto’s health conditions, all of which are invisible afflictions. As 80% of people with disabilities brave invisible impairments, these conditions are the most stigmatized, as they are not seen, but only experienced. The goal of Solimanto’s work is to advocate disability pride and awareness to women with health conditions in order to imbue their condition with fascination and empowerment.

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The artwork suspended as an installation

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Kingston, NY

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Kingston, NY






Photography by Josh Goodrich