I AM a Pre Existing Condition

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Rosary Solimanto performed I AM a Pre-Existing Condition to uphold the unconstitutional discrimination people face by labeling health conditions on June 27, 2018 at 12:30pm, in front of the Department of Justice Building, 86 Chambers Street, New York, NY.

She began the performance in a dress, labeling her chest first with, “I Am a Pre-Existing Condition,” and continuing to label the rest of her body while removing the dress with all pre-existing conditions, surgeries, and diseases for approximately 1 hour.

Once again the current administration is attempting repeal and dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and label “pre-existing conditions.” Under the ACA insurance companies cannot deny or charge higher rates to people with “pre-existing conditions.” The Texas-led suit, backed by 20 other conservative states and the Department of Justice (Jeff Sessions) announced it won’t defend a core of the ACA because of a tax loophole. The battle for healthcare is quite complex but the bottom-line is if you have “pre-existing conditions” such as diabetes, seizures, heart disease, cancer, mental health, etc., insurance rates may sky rocket and create an impossible feat of obtaining insurance especially from employer coverage. If people struggle to afford their insurance (because of pre-existing conditions), the administration’s stance is to default these people to medicaid. Medicaid is the lowest level of healthcare coverage in this country. People with health conditions will not be able to afford the healthcare they need. This appeal may spiral out of control and lead to the complete dismantling of the ACA and people’s conditions worsening without adequate care.